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High-End Crested Geckos for Sale

Access to the Latest Generations of Our Original Bloodlines
While it's true you can acquire our lines from breeders all over the world, you can only get geckos from the latest generations of those projects from us. We can often offer geckos that you will likely not see for sale anywhere else - at least for another year or two. We have developed all of our own bloodlines, starting with a large founding group of basic morphs that were available in the early 2000's. Projects continue to evolve and improve with each generation.

Professional Customer Service
We will be here before and after the sale. We have a full-time customer service specialist, John, who will be happy to answer all customer service inquiries in a friendly and professional manner. Animals first, customers second, and business third. Making decisions in that order has served us well in the reptile business, and that's one of the things that sets us apart.

30 Day Health Guarantee
You get a full 30 days on individually sold geckos in an industry where 3-7 days is the norm, and we were the first reptile breeder that I ever heard of to do so. Last year we hatched 15,000 geckos and health claims could be counted on one hand. Dead-on-arrival claims were ZERO, even including wholesale. Chew on that for a minute...we shipped 15,000 geckos and they all got there alive. Needless to say, our geckos are solid and we know how to ship them.

Shop Where the Big Name Breeders Shop
When you purchase breeding stock here, you're in good company. Whether you're just doing this as a hobby, just like how I started, or you're a professional breeder like me, it only makes sense to get the best founding stock you can. Even in highly refined projects, ou
r genetic diversity is unrivaled, which is one of many reasons why our customer base reads like a who's who in the crested gecko world. In fact, our closest competitors happen to be some of our best customers, who've taken geckos from our lines and bred them to create something uniquely their own.

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$39 Flat Rate Shipping - Any Size Order - Any US Destination
Shipping is FREE when you spend $1,000 or more. Any size order qualifies, anywhere in the US. We cannot ship to Hawaii. Some offers, such as our Facebook auctions, do not qualify for free shipping.

30 Day Health Guarantee
Every individually pictured reptile we sell comes with our 30 Day Health Guarantee. Live arrival, of course, is also guaranteed - regardless of carrier error. No fine print - if weather cooperates and we deem it safe to ship, you're covered, period.