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All Geckos Have Full Tails Unless Described Otherwise
All geckos sold on this page will have full tails unless expressed otherwise in the description/title. While most of our geckos have good tails, we occasionally have geckos with missing tails that we'll offer at a discount. Sometimes we will offer a few tailless geckos for free as a promotion. These geckos are in perfect health, just missing their tails.

Discount Tailless Crested Geckos Periodically Available - Limited Availability
Crested geckos are unique in that they drop their tails and only grow back a "knob" tail. This is seen as an evolutionary adaptation, and the fact that the species has this unique adaptation tells us tails aren't even desirable on adults. In captivity, breeders don't care about tails whatsoever because they have no impact on breeding success.

I personally believe tailless crested geckos make the PERFECT pet for kids and beginners. I say that because tail loss and retained shed are both so off-putting to a beginner, and it's just one less thing people should worry about. Take the tail out of the equation and, care wise, you basically have a cold blooded (lower maintenance) version of the hamster. :-) Hobbyists buying high-end $300-500+ geckos do not typically care about tails at all, and you will see us auction quite a few without tails that still bring good money.

The only reason chain pet stores tend to want perfect tails because they're dealing with uninformed customers who may not be familiar with how they grow back. In the pet trade, two staple gecko species are the leopard gecko and the tokay gecko...both species that regrow an abnormally colored and shaped tail - when I say abnormal I'm talking picture a half dozen sweet potatoes and imagine any one of those for a tail! :-) That being the case, you can see why pet chains shy away from tailless crested geckos. Hopefully with time people will become more familiar with the crested gecko.

Please Note: Photos in the wholesale section are EXAMPLE PHOTOS.
These are not the exact animals you will receive, but are meant to demonstrate the quality of the animals you will receive in your wholesale shipment.