Crested Gecko HousingAnthony Caponetto Reptiles is a private reptile breeding facility located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. With the exception of maybe a few animals from my personal collection, every reptile we sell is bred and hatched right here at our facility. This ensures there is literally zero chance of our colony contracting any disease from other facilities.

Reptiles have been a lifelong passion, starting when I was only a few years old. I have been keeping reptiles off and on since I was 7 years old. My current collection has been a work in progress since 2001. Eventually with a little luck and a lot of persistence, I was able to turn my hobby into a career.

While we're widely known to have the largest selectively bred crested gecko colony in captivity, this is still a relatively young/small business. I also work with roughly a dozen other snake and gecko species on more of a hobbyist breeder level (much smaller numbers). These include a number of python species such as ball pythons, carpet pythons, and blood pythons, some of which you'll also see for sale here in the online store.

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