Welcome to the acreptiles.com online store!
Here is where you will find the best of the best reptiles that we offer for sale. If you're unfamiliar with us, we are home to the largest selection of designer crested geckos anywhere in the world, which are sold here and in our Facebook auctions (click HERE to visit).

Ball python morphs too!?!??!
One thing that even our long time customers may not have known is that we also specialize in ball python morphs - LOTS OF THEM! Many people don't think of us when they think of ball pythons, but we are slowly building a sizable and powerful collection, which is currently at around 500 snakes total. We have also quietly proven several new mutations, which we continue to work with and explore their potential, as well as produced well over two dozen worlds first combos - all in the past few years. Needless to say, you can certainly look forward to seeing more and more ball pythons for sale here as time goes on.

Facebook Auctions and Buy-It-Now Offers
We were the first crested gecko breeder to start doing auctions back in early 2013, and it has become wildly popular. What started as just a few each week has turned into a monster...we now offer well over 100 reptiles for auction each and every month on our Facebook page (Click HERE to check it out).

Our auctions represent the largest selection of designer crested geckos you will find anywhere on the planet, so if you're a crested gecko collector or breeder, you do not want to miss out! Being a huge ball python morph guy myself, we have also ventured into doing ball python auctions as well. We are just now starting to produce a lot of ball pythons, so you can look forward to seeing more ball morphs for auction in the near future.

Auction days vary, but we try to list new ones at least twice each week

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